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About us


Spain is a country where gastronomy excels, and it is our sincere wish and desire that our guests in Spain enjoy our authentic Japanese haute cuisine and genuine Japanese style hospitality known as “omotenashi”. That is Izariya’s spirit.

  Authentic Japanese cuisine

Sushi, tempura and sukiyaki are well known Japanese dishes. Even those dishes represents the Japanese cuisine, it doesn't mean, however, that those are daily food. The true Japanese cuisine is that one we eat at all the times served with white rice. At Izariya we offer first class and high standard Japanese cuisine that we serve just in the same way as we do in Japan.

  Chain of good taste

In a full course set menu, the taste of one dish can be enhance by the taste of the next if it is served in a calculated sequence with sake and white rice. At Izariya we serve full course feast cuisine (also known as 'Japanese banquet'), which is a formal style of serving dishes in ceremonies. It is also a cuisine to enjoy all together with alcohol (sake).

  Cuisine and the seasons

Eating seasonal products at its peak makes them more delicious and allow the guests to perceive each season of the year. The Japanese cuisine attracts the view while pleasing the palate.We try our best so the actual season can be perceived at our dishes in Izariya, like "we are already in spring", or "autumn is approaching" - Each month we offer a different menu for dinners to enjoy seasonal ingredients.

  The 18

We have 18 different Japanese sakes that we select depending on the current season. These sakes come from 18 sake breweries in Kochi prefecture (Japan). We are the only restaurant in Europe that offers as much variety of Kochi sakes as Izariya.

  The 23

We have just 23 seats at our restaurant. Our chefs, included the chef Okazoe, decided the perfect number of seats that would allow us to provide a careful and detailed service to satisfy our guests. We only have 4 tables and 7 additional seats at the counter, which proves the fact that from Izariya we give first priority to our guests.