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Our chefs

At Izariya the chef’s task is not only to cook in the kitchen. When serving the meals our chefs should communicate with their guests. Preparing meals is not a mechanical process. We serve our guests wholeheartedly meals that will delight them. At the counter two of our chefs attend our guests directly, and another stays at the dining hall also.

We would love you to enjoy staying at our restaurant, or to enjoy just coming to Izariya, in addition to enjoying our cuisine. We would be very happy to serve you to create through a cuisine a place that delights you. “Taste and Smile”: That is the Izariya’s style.

  Masahito Okazoe

Chef-Owner of Izariya, native of Kochi prefecture. Started a career in cooking at the age of 20, deepened knowledge working at hotels and restaurants mainly in Kochi prefecture, and at 29 opened Izariya.

and since then,
October 1st 2002: Opened Izariya Kochi, Kochi
October 1st 2005: Opened Izariya Kobe, Hyogo
October 1st 2008: Opened Izariya Ginza, Tokyo
October 1st 2014: Opened Izariya Madrid

Okazoe is, indeed, gaining constantly support from his guests who enjoy Okazoe’s cuisine.